The implementation of a quality and safety management system was a strategic decision by MOSS srl starting in 2010 (for quality) and in 2011 (for safety). The idea was born from the desire of the management to improve the company’s internal organization in order to optimize both the service delivery management and the realization of the products. This system was designed to manage business processes that are aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization, as well as the final Customer’s satisfaction. For this reason, MOSS srl has implemented a system of traceability of documents and recordings that takes the name of ISO 9001 quality system.

At the same time, with the entry into force in April 2009 of Legislative Decree n° 81 (formerly 626), it has become inevitably necessary an adaptation of working methods in order to prevent and protect workers from possible accidents during their activities. This management was organized adding, to the already existing quality system, a new approach related to occupational safety, according to the new standard ISO 45001:2018. These two types of systems will enable the company to provide information and training to their workers, so that the service delivery is done with responsibility and awareness in full compliance with safety standards. These international standards (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018) are so into working cycle, bringing benefits in terms of overall management of processes and a newfound awareness of working in total tranquility in the workplace.