Standard technical characteristics

  • 24-station rotating turret with indexing movement;
  • printing modules each driven by a servo motor which works synchronized with the mechanical rotation of tubes;
  • transversal screen adjustment (left/right) by remote control;
  • quick format change-over controlled by computerised self set-up. When the diameter of the tube changes it is no longer necessary to change the gears for tube rotation during printing;
  • system for vacuum through the mandrels;
  • double squeegee, for both printing and ink recovery, with electronic control of lifting at the end of print in order to obtain wrap-around decorations with a perfect overlapping;
  • control of all machine and accessory functions by a PLC with digital Bus Field system;
  • “no container, no printing” device;
  • speed variator with 3-phase motor and electronic control of number of revolutions by means of an inverter;
  • automating loading and unloading devices;
  • UV “sealed” lamps for reducing the emission of heat, with electronic control through the PLC of the machine. “Water cooled” lamps are also available.

Optional Devices

  • automatic feeding devices;
  • flame pre-treatment with electronic control;
  • electronic pre-treatment;
  • dust cleaner and static electricity remover;
  • fine rear/front adjustment of printing squeegee pressure with remote control;
  • optical register device which allows to centre the decoration according to existing printings or to the flip-top thumb recess;
  • remote technical assistance via modem;
  • quality control system with video camera;
  • lacquering unit;
  • temperature control for the room inside the safety guarding;

Technical data

  • maximum mechanical speed: 120 pieces/minute;
  • printing accuracy: +/- 0,1 mm;
  • maximum printing area: 200×200 mm;
  • minimum and maximum diameter of the container : 13 – 60 mm;
  • minimum and maximum length of the container: 20 – 220 mm;