Standard technical characteristics

  • Laser class IV, featured by active fiber laser YB Ytterbium with wavelength 1064 nm. UV Laser available on demand
  • Laser power 50W
  • Line thickness 35 microns (0,035 mm)
  • Driven conveying system for caps complete with suction belt and cap spacing unit
  • Air conditioning for electric cabinet
  • Internet remote assistance
  • Integrated software for “marking-on-the-fly”
  • Operating system Windows 7
  • Supported files: plt, dwg, dxf, ai, jpg, tif, pcs, bmp
  • No need of consumables and no need of ordinary maintenance

Optional devices

  • Connection to automatic cap feeding devices
  • File capture for marking
  • Automatic cap boxing system
  • Quality control unit.

Technical data

  • Marking speed up to 500 characters/sec. Laser linear speed up to 5.000 m/sec. Estimated production output up to 1.500 caps per minute depending on suitable properties of the plastic material, feeding system capacity, type of marking (type of fonts, size of characters, quantity of vectors for graphics). It is recommended to send samples in advance to double check relevant characteristics.