MO 2620

Standard technical characteristics

  • 20-station rotating vertical turret with indexing movement;
  • hinged roller-holding heads for easy opening in order to facilitate plate changing and plate and roller cleaning;
  • fine registers for the axial and peripheral adjustment of the plates. This operation can be carried out while the machine is working;
  • roller on ink fountain controlled by a 3-phase A.C. motor with frequency converter and electro-magnetic clutch in order to ensure the adjustment of a precise quantity of ink;
  • all the gears have inclined teeth to ensure a positive control and avoid shadows on the decoration;
  • electro pneumatic device for printing head shifting to prevent printing on the mandrel when an article does not come into printing position (“no container – no printing” device). Another device is activated together with “no container – no printing” device, this device is called “no container – no inking” and it disconnects all form rollers from their plates in order to avoid an excess of ink on the article printed just after an empty mandrel;
  • lacquering unit;
  • brushless motor for the synchronized movement between the printing head and the indexing turret (electronic synchronization) and with the possibility to print with 1, 2 or 4 sectors according to the machine speed;
  • control of all machine and accessory functions by a PC/PLC with digital Bus Field system;
  • speed variator with brushless motor;
  • automatic loading and unloading devices;
  • reject unloading device;
  • flame pre-treatment with electronic flame detection;
  • mechanical counter-point during printing
  • all colour units have double form roller and possibility of cooling the rubber milling rollers from inside.

Optional Devices

  • coupling with automatic feeding systems;
  • pre-starter device for containers during printing to control rotation speed with brushless motor;
  • electronic pre-treatment;
  • dust cleaner and static electricity remover;
  • quick release mandrels which do not require tooling;
  • device for lacquer automatic feeding, also available with temperature and viscosity control;
  • quality control device;
  • remote technical assistance.

Technical data

  • max mechanical speed: 200 pieces/minute;
  • min and max container diameter: 15 – 60 mm;
  • min and max container length: 50 – 220 mm.