MO 3000 SPU

Standard technical characteristics

  • automatic loading from the stack with mechanical system to denest the egg-trays;
  • chain conveyor which removes the egg-trays from the automatic denesting unit and transports them to the printing head, and then to restacking unit;
  • printing head model TSO 3000;
  • mechanically controlled restacking unit suitable to restack the egg-trays vertically upward after printing;
  • piece-counter.

Optional Devices

  • storage of stacks of egg-trays to the vertical denesting device;
  • storage of stacks of printed egg-trays;
  • lacquering unit for lower hinge printing;
  • labelling unit;

Technical data

  • max mechanical speed: 100 pieces/minute;
  • min and max container size: 250×220 mm – 320×225 mm;
  • printing area: 120×290 mm.