MO 3062

Standard technical characteristics

  • modular printing head model TSO 3060;
  • fine register for the axial and peripheral adjustment of the plates. This operation can be carried out while the machine is working;
  • rollers on ink fountain synchronized with the central drum;
  • all the gears have inclined teeth to ensure a positive control and avoid shadows on the decoration;
  • magnetic plate-holding cylinders;
  • rotary drum with integrated vacuum for cap holders;
  • control of all machine and accessory functions by touch-screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) with digital Bus Field system;
  • flame pre-treatment with electronic flame detection;
  • drying through UV lamp with electronic control.

Optional Devices

  • connection to automatic feeding devices, either centrifugal or gravity feeders;
  • jet stream conveyor with multiple rails to cap holders;
  • dust cleaner and static electricity remover;
  • remote technical assistance;
  • quality control system with camera;
  • electronic piece-counter for boxing;
  • box handling system;

Technical data

  • production speed: up to 1.250 caps/minute according to machine configuration.