MO 4013

Standard technical characteristics

  • 8-station horizontal rotating turret with indexing movement;
  • the colour units are positioned 3+3 around the central roller and allow the operator an easy access to the blanket;
  • one colour unit is equipped with form roller having same diameter of plate-holding roller in order to avoid ghosting;
  • hinged roller-holding heads for easy opening in order to facilitate plate and roller changing and cleaning;
  • the containers are kept on solid mandrels by means of air vacuum;
  • rollers on ink fountain controlled by a 3-phase A.C. motor, with frequency converter, in order to ensure adjustment of a precise quantity of ink;
  • ductor roller for accurate ink-feed setting, controlled by an electric sequencer adjustable through inverter and managed by machine PLC;
  • all the gears have inclined teeth to ensure a positive control and avoid shadows on the decoration;
  • fine adjustment of printing pressure by rising or lowering the complete printing head by electric motors;
  • fine adjustment for tilting the printing head in accordance with the taper of the containers; fully automated by control motors;
  • electropneumatic device for printing head lifting to prevent printing on the mandrel when a container does not come into printing position (“no container – no printing” device);
  • rapid plate fixing on the rollers through a series of holes on the plate itself and fixing pins on the roller. To this purpose one manual punching tool is supplied with the machine to perforate correctly the plate edge. In this way it is possible to get an easy and quick change-over of the plate and its fine registration;
  • central printing roller with ceramic coating;
  • electronic synchronism (electric shaft) between brushless motor for indexing turret driving and brushless  motor for Printing head control;
  • control of all machine and accessory functions by a PLC with digital Bus Field system;
  • independent speed variator with 3-phase motor and electronic control of number of revolutions of mandrels in stations of cleaning, flame treatment and UV curing through inverter and synced with the speed of the machine;
  • automatic unloading device to release the pails either with the mouth upwards or downwards;
  • in order to allow a suitable inspection on printing head from three machine sides, a large footboard is provided with stairs;
  • flame pre-treatment with electronic flame detection;
  • on-mandrel drying through UV lamp with electronic control.

Optional Devices

  • dust cleaner and static electricity remover;
  • automatic loading system of pails (denester);
  • automatic horizontal or vertical restacking unit;
  • magnetic plate-holding rollers;
  • remote technical assistance;
  • connection to lacquering machine MP 8 LAC;
  • additional printing head (TOI device) for “out of machine” change-over.

Technical data

  • max mechanical speed: 40 pieces/minute;
  • min and max container diameter: 100 – 350 mm;
  • min and max container height: 110 – 420 mm;
  • max printing area: 1095 mm;
  • max printing height: 260 mm;
  • max taper: 5°;
  • number of mandrels: 8;
  • number of printing sectors: 1 or 2.