MP 8 – LAC

Standard technical characteristics

  • 8-station horizontal rotating turret with indexing movement;
  • control of all machine functions and accessories installed by a PLC with digital Bus Field system;
  • speed variator with 3-phase motor and electronic control of number of revolutions by means of an inverter;
  • automatic unloading device for buckets with mouth facing upwards or downwards;
  • electro-pneumatic device to step back the lacquering device from the container when this is not in lacquering station (“no container, no lacquering” device);
  • the lacquering device is controlled by an AC motor with frequency converter in order to obtain a precise adjustment of the quantity of lacquer (transparent varnish) according to the machine speed variation and to adjust the rotation speed of the lacquering roller according to the machine speed variation;
  • fine adjustment with manual control for the inclination of the lacquering unit according to the container conicity;
  • fine adjustment of the lacquering pressure by manual control.

Optional Devices

  • dust cleaner and static electricity remover;
  • flame pre-treatment;
  • UV curing;
  • automatic loading system of buckets (denester);
  • automatic horizontal or vertical restacking unit;
  • remote technical assistance.

Technical data

  • maximum mechanical speed: 40 pieces /minute;
  • minimum and maximum diameter of containers: 100 – 350 mm;
  • minimum and maximum height of containers: 110 – 420 mm;
  • maximum conicity: 5°;