Standard technical characteristics

  • Machine equipped with electric indexing turret supporting mandrels individually driven by servomotors in order to avoid the use of printing gears.
    Basic configuration configured with twelve-position turret; indexing turrets with an increased number of stations can allow different configurations and offer a larger number of colors;
  • Suction and air blowing through mandrels are available according to machine configuration;
  • Totally servo assisted and remote-controlled printing heads;
  • Remote-controlled transversal screen adjustment (left and right);
  • The position of all servomotors can be saved in the PC for a quick changeover when the same printing jobs have to be replicated;
  • The control of all functions is made by means of a robust B&R PC/PLC with a wide LED touchscreen panel operator and connected through Ethernet POWERLINK technology;
  • Automatic loading and unloading devices with various configuration;
  • Ink drying with mercury-vapor UV lamps.

Optional devices

  • Automatic feeders can be linked to automatic loading device. Many and different solutions are available according to the object to be decorated;
  • Dust cleaner and static electricity remover with manual positioning or customizable with electric motor and remote setup;
  • Universal flame pre-treatment with automatic ignition and electronic flame detection. Manual positioning or, on demand, by electric motor and remote setup;
  • Pre-positioning device by base cup, photocell or high-speed camera;
  • Pick & Place devices for loading and unloading, driven by electric motors or pneumatic cylinders;
  • Ink drying with UV-LED systems. UV–LED lamps have, besides, a very low heat emission which makes machine operation easier in 24/7 runs.
    It is available the configuration for the use of solvent-based inks with intermediate thermic shock between the colors and final drying into a gas heated oven, suitable for aluminum articles printing;
  • Air conditioning for main electric board;
  • Predisposition for remote assistance;
  • Vision quality control systems;
  • Lacquering unit for overprint varnish application. Additional units are available for aluminum articles base coating.

Technical data

  • Max. mechanical speed: 90 pieces / minute;
  • accuracy among the colors: ± 0,1 mm;
  • min and max diameter of the container: 10 mm – 120 mm;
  • All other technical data on machine configuration and type of object to be printed.