With 2000+ printing machines sold worldwide since 1967, of which more than half still work with our customers, MOSS has always had a special focus to what is an after-sales service aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction.


An office composed by dedicated and qualified personnel, able to communicate fluently in several languages, is dedicated to providing a first technical support and to organize and manage all spare parts. The staff offers its experience and professionalism in order to intervene effectively and efficiently to the occurrence of any after sales problem. Through a cutting-edge management program, all operators have the updated situation of spare parts available for each machine model, so as to ensure a fast and efficient support to the customer.


A hotline is available for technical matters of urgent nature. A team of top MOSS specialists, supported by the Customer Care Dept., is able to provide quick solutions to problems of pure technical nature, as well as those related to preventive maintenance or even to printing technique knowledge.
The machines of more recent construction are equipped with electronic systems for remote monitoring, which allow the resolution of many problems directly from our offices.
A team of skilled technicians is however always available to service the machines on site in case of technical interventions, preventive maintenance or training.


Technological progress has always been one of the strengths of MOSS, not only in building competitive printing systems, but also in the services offered to our customers.

We have therefore chosen to develop a smartphone app to give our most demanding customers the possibility of remotely monitoring the performance of their MOSS 4.0 systems. Thanks to MOSS SMART ASSISTANT it is now easy to monitor production data, notifications and power consumption from your iOS or Android device. Contact our Customer Care for compatibility check and for service activation.


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MOSS has developed over the years a wide range of courses and technical seminars devoted to the improvement of fundamental knowledge about printing technologies.
These courses are intended primarily to MOSS customers and are generally made during the machine test-run or “ad hoc”, according to the specific needs of the customer. Technical areas and properly equipped training rooms are available to participants. To receive more information about our courses and technical seminars, please contact our Sales Department.