Learn how our customers use MOSS machines to bring their vision to life.


50 years of decorating equipment.


Production range including over 40 basic models.


Flexible and versatile solutions according to the different customer’s requirements.


Present in over 100 countries spread all 5 continents.


MOSS machines represent the right answer to the market’s request for large production and high printing accuracy, for objects and containers from 1 ml to 30 litres.

About us

MOSS has been established in 1967 with the manufacturing of dry-offset and silk-screen printing machines for the decoration of plastic objects and containers which is also the origin of our name: Machine Offset (&) Silk-Screen.


MOSS has always had a close attention to an after-sale service aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction.


MOSS machines can decorate several types of articles in screen printing, dry-offset, hot-stamping and heat transfer: for example, plastic and aluminum closures for wine and spirit bottles, water and soft-drinks caps, pails/buckets, eggtrays, bottles, flexible and rigid tubes, syringes, roll-on stick, jars and much more.

Plastic closures for spirits

Screen printers up to 5 colors, dry-offset machines up to 5 colors and hot stamping equipment.

Aluminum closures

Screen printers up to 5 colors, dry-offset up to 5 colors, stand-alone base-coating machines and hot-stamping equipment.

Water and CSD caps

Rotary dry-offset printers up to 4 colors, single-color screen printers and laser etching equipment for inside marking,

Plastic pails

Dry-offset printer up to 8 colors, singe-color screen printers and heat-transfer machines. Stand-alone equipment for lacquering.

Flexible and rigid tubes

Screen printers up to 7 colors, dry-offset up to 8 colors and hot stamping equipment. Multipurpose machines for ancillary operations.

Packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Screen printers up to 7 colors, dry-offset up to 8 colors and hot stamping equipment.

Plastic egg-trays

Dry-offset printers up to 8 colors.


Dry-offset printers up to 8 colors.


Hybrid Decoration Machine

Hybrid Decoration Machine

Thanks to the collaboration between MOSS and SACMI comes a unique solution that offers business opportunities previously unthinkable. The MOSS-SACMI hybrid machine allows the decoration of plastic caps using offset, digital, or both technologies. This innovation is...

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“Doll with a big heart” project

“Doll with a big heart” project

MOSS adopts a "Doll with a big heart" to sustain cancer research by Ausl IRCCS in Reggio Emilia. An important gesture to contribute to the financing of more advanced treatments to fight breast cancer, but also to support the local community in helping the most...

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World Alzheimer’ s Day

World Alzheimer’ s Day

On 21st September the “World Alzheimer's Day” is celebrated around the world. MOSS makes its contribution by supporting the AIMA of Reggio Emilia https://www.aimareggioemilia.it/ https://www.alzint.org/get-involved/world-alzheimers-month/  

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Newco Martinenghi Tech s.r.l.

Newco Martinenghi Tech s.r.l.

On September 9th 2021 MOSS has completed an important transaction to initiate a further growth phase of the company. With the establishment of Martinenghi Tech s.r.l., MOSS has entered in the capital with a majority stake in order to complete the acquisition of...

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